My destiny

I’m like a bird trying to fly in the rain.

The rain drops makes the flapping of my wings difficult.

The rain is weighing me down.

I built my nest high above.

Clouds are forming ahead of me.

The wind is blowing on my face and the rain falls on my eyes.

I cannot see.

In my head i am hearing voices.

Voices of my loved ones urging me to carry on.

I cannot fail them.

I have to reach my destiny but how?

Sometimes as a bird you have to do the abnormal.

So i fly to the ground.

This way im safe, il walk and i will continue walking till

i reach my destiny.

Life in a story- part 1

I woke up to a beautiful and sunny day.

The birds were chirping outside and the sun felt so warm on my skin.

No cloud in the sky.

It promised to be a beautiful day.

I took a stroll in the jungle.

A few minutes into the walk i noticed the weather changing.

I continued walking coz a few clouds would not threaten my day.

A few minutes later i felt a cold breeze which left me shivering a bit.

A strong wind blew and dust partially covered my eyes.

A little wind and the weather changing…nah i continued walking.

I increased the volume on my phone and plugged in both my earphones.

Up above me the clouds gathered but i did not notice because the music was good.

to be continued…




Post mortem

Sometimes i wish you could all come 2017 - 1

back into my life and do an

autopsy report.

You killed me internally and for

a while the doctors thought i would

never survive.

I stayed in coma for a long time.

Time stood still.

The world passed by around me.

Until a little voice in my head said:

How long are you going to be this way?

How long are you going to keep numb?

Yes people hurt you…

Yes people break your heart…

And yes letting go is the hardest part…

but “You cant start

a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading

the last. Take control of your life and never let anyone bring you


Remember… Happiness is an inside job never assign it to anyone, TAKE CONTROL

Oops you dead…RIP

If you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that i killed. You can kill yourself too but that doesn’t mean you get to stop loving….Archie’s final project

I hosted a funeral for you and it felt so good.

Three people attended, Me, Myself and I.

Cause of death UNKNOWN.

Rumor has it Karma murdered you.

On an unknown day Karma strangled the shit out of you. The police found you lifeless body malodorous with all the hurtful things you did to people.

Me was glad revenge was not necessary.

All we had to do was wait.

Myself just comforted the two of us.

Out of the three of us she is the only one who remained herself. Me tried to please you and I fought so hard to be someone you would love. But Myself remained herself.

So long mate. REST IN PEACE.

Me, Myself and I have buried you and all the pain you put us through.


Lost in my mind.

Cant sleep at night.

I hear creepy sounds or is it my mind playing with me.

In my room it’s dark and so is my soul.

Alone, my mind sails through the night wishing for a brighter tomorrow.

Wishing for a new beginning.

A chance to start all over.

An opportunity to prove myself.

How i wish i could change the past….



The love warrior

She has walked on thorns.

Her feet are scared and bloody.

She is dressed in sorrow and pain.

Slowly she carries on, whistling a sound of hope.

Her journey has been filled with happiness,sadness, betrayal and rejection but above all she has no regrets.

She has been the SOLE MATE of others, trampled  and her heart has been walked on by those who failed to see her worth.

Beneath all  that sorrow her face glows and her smile is priceless.

As she carries on whistling her tune of hope, she chokes on tears feeling sorry for those who have lost hope. For she knows hope keeps her moving forward.

Hope is her comfort.

Hope is her soul food.

Hope will bring her joy one day for good still exists but is rare to find.





Lost love

Do you think it’s possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return?

I was reminiscing just the other day while having ice cream all solo and my mind drifted away back to a February night, back when you fit love songs and poems like a perfect rhyme.

We took off faster than a green light GO. We skipped off the conversation coz we already knew. In the morning I left a note about a kiss that accidentally happened and that was the first day and darling it was good.

So happy like a baby who has discovered that they can walk we had the big city all to ourselves.

We had a world of our own. We were never looking down and for the first time I had something to lose.

We shut down the world and created our own filled with I need and I love you. Our love hit a thousand miles an hour only to explode unexpectedly. I guess one of us fell apart in the usual way and our book filled with love stories gathered dust never to be opened again.

Sad part is the memories that I always go back to aren’t the mundane ones but those I saw sparks that weren’t there. I wonder how you think about it now and I see your face in every sad love song.

I guess love is a beautiful game for the brave at heart, one of us wasn’t.


When she loved herself


She was a giver.

She was a lover.

She saw the good in everyone.

She believed no one is bad but people are misunderstood.

She was innocent.

She was always happy.


It was when someone broke her that her eyes were opened.

She fell.

She was crushed.

She was hurt.

But she rose again.

And that’s when she loved herself.

She got rid of people who drilled holes in her heart.

She got rid of people who broke her and threatened her peace.

That is when she loved herself enough to appreciate being alone.

She got familiar with her being solo and embraced being alone and empowered herself.

It’s not like she developed and attitude, the reason behind is because she did not want to go back to that dark place again.

She does not want to waste time on another guy who will turn up underserving, immature and inconsiderate.

She might require extra time, extra effort, extra attention and might seem numb to love but remember she is being cautious.

If you manage to take away her solo title and she embraces you into her life, know that you have found yourself a woman who is ready to love again.







Just when…

Just when you thought your heart was numb.

Just that thought that you will never be loved again or love again.

That maybe you were born to give love than you will ever receive.

Those tears of hurt and betrayal that close your heart to everything meant to be beautiful.

The wet pillows at night and battles you fight solo. Hey we all know those.

Woes of a woman. This is my story.

Just life


I  sleep at night I  do not know what the night brings.

I  do not know if im going to wake up alive.

I  still plan my tomorrow.

i sleep anyway.

i hope

I pray.

I trust in God.

I believe life is like a drama.

All characters have their endings.

The good ones have their silver lining.

The bad ones face their own karma.

Do good to the universe and it will reward you.

Be bad and karma will serve you what you deserve.

Such is life.