The unknown battle

Sometimes the strongest people love beyond all faults,  cry behind closed doors and fight battles no one knows about.

The past week taught me lessons i will forever live by. Two lessons actually; never judge a person and to be kind always. For the first time in my life i have realised that people have battles they fight behind closed doors. I have come to believe everyone has 3 faces/lives; The one you show the world; The one you show your close friends and the one you hide from the world.

I have known my friend for more than 5 years now. She showed me the face she was comfortable with. I saw her as brave and strong. Whenever i am down i count on her to get me up. She is my rock and i love her so much. 

The past week however i saw her other face. The one that is full of fear of uncertainty. The battles she fights alone, i saw them all. It dawned on me that all this time she had my back but i had no clue she had so many battles she prefered to fight alone. I saw a loving woman who despite her battles made me feel so good. I saw a sister from another mother who cared for me and never shouted at me for being a cry baby because she was going through worse. I felt selfish. I made a choice to pray for my friends. They might be fighting an unknown battle they can’t share. Even without me knowing about it i want them to be covered through my prayers for them.

A smile carries a lot of words. It could mean someone is speechless, they are happy and they would rather smile than be sad making the world feel sorry for them. The last one is the most common.  We all have battles we fight alone. A battle of tears we share with our pillows. 

The solution is simple. *Lets be kind to one another. *Smile at a stranger. *Compliment each other. *Apologize when wrong even if you right.*Try not to be jealous. Above all be humble.


Unapologetically self-loving

Do unto others as you would love them to do unto you…really

I used to be one of those people who put others first before me. I would do anything for the people i loved. All this changed when they were put in situations that required them to put me first. Not only did they become selfish but they forgot i ever existed.

That is when it hit me. No matter what you do and what you say not everyone is going to appreciate it or do the same for you. Of course there are genuine people in the world, who have had my back since day one and i am grateful for them. Ohh well i cannot deny that other people only needed me when it was beneficial to them once it was over so is my chapter in their life.

The key to happiness is simple.Expects

  • Never tell yourself someone owes you anything because they DONT. 
  • Never expect anything from anyone expectations hurt.
  • Love yourself first before you love someone else: don’t expect a relationship to complete you.
  • Always know it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, love yourself more and more each day after all you will spend the rest of your life with you.

Rude habits men do

The art of wooing these days has become so ridiculous. A lot of man have lost the art and as a result dating itself is doomed for some.

Many ladies have become victims of rude habits men have adopted in an attempt to woo.  I do not think men are aware of this so i am going to say it all, hope they read and take notes.

The car hooter

This habit is the rudest of them all. Man nowadays use the hooter to catch the attention of a lady walking along the pavement. This is so rude and disrespectful. When that happens to me i always ask myself. “Is this guy trying to scare me or talk to me”. I believe a hooter is a signal for cars and sometimes pedestrians to get off the road. I do not believe it is a wooing tool. A proper gentleman is supposed to park his car and then approach the lady not to hoot and scare her. Show some respect and give her your time.

Psssssst or Whistling

I do not know where to begin with this one. Not only is it annoying but its very rude. It sound like one wants to pee or something. You don’t whistle to a person, it is for


dogs and cats. Most men us it when a lady is passing by and the guy is standing or sitting. To my surprise people actually respond to Pssssssst (yes i have  used it). I feel if a man is interested in a woman it’s respectful to approach her than to whistle, the former is a sign of respect.

Number stealing

I am sure most ladies have become victims of this. There is nothing as disturbing as receiving a text or whats-app message from an unknown person who knows you and you have no idea who they are. The first thing that comes to your mind is “stalker”. Some gents tend to steal a lady’s number from mutual friends. This is the worst you can do. I doubt there is a lady who can entertain a stranger. Growing up we were taught ‘Stranger danger’, chances are you will be black listed. If she is a mutual friend just ask to be introduced or just make the first move and talk to her face to face.

Ladies do not really ask for much. Just respect, value and give them time. There is nothing as charming as a man who simple wants to know you. Small things like favorite food, television show and how your day is: these go a long way.

So dear man next time you see a lady you want to talk to, don’t hoot,whistle or steal her number, man up and talk to her face to face. Don’t let your wooing skill stand in the way of getting yourself a great lady. Let us bring back the proper art of wooing and enjoy dating.





I know my present situation does not mean i am stuck here forever.

I found out im strong when i had to forgive someone without them saying sorry. When i had to carry on despite my pain. 

The sad truth is i cared for them too much. I knew they weren’t perfect but i chose to see the good in them. For a while i did until they broke me.

 That is when it hit me…

No matter how hard i tried, held on  and saw the good in them; it meant nothing . Everything was one sided, it was all me trying to build us. I was doing a two man job.

I began loving myself. Slowly i drifted away. Distanced myself. To save me. Cause love was going to kill me. It’s true the one you love the most will hurt you most and kill you emotionally as well.

Valuing myself has been the best thing i ever did. I wake up in the morning and i love myself. The right people will come and stay. We will build together. 

A special thanks to Najwa Zebian. Now i know im not alone. She inspires me and gives me hope. A sister i have never met but whose presence i feel. 

When im missing

I wish you could have been here.

You could have bust through the door and said baby im home with a smile.

And i would have been happy.

But our story had a different ending. Instead of our stars lining in our favor, Cupid through you to another continent. Far far away, where i might never see you, hug you and just hold your hand.

From a distance i care and i miss you. Re-writting our story is hard. Thinking about you is painful. It hurts to know someone, have them for a short and they disappear. 

Il only see you in dream land as i close my eyes to sleep. 

When silence becomes communication

Sometimes in life we go through a dark cloud.

A place were everything is still.

All we can do is just be silent.

We fail to find words that express our feelings.

Even tears are held back because our eyes have dried out.

We just stare as the world goes by.

We try to feed our souls with happy thoughts but we

cannot fool the mind, it overpowers us.

At night time only our bodies rest but the mind is wide awake, for a broken soul can never rest.

We become two faced, around people we all smiles but alone our pillows know the story.

When silence becomes communication. 



My destiny

I’m like a bird trying to fly in the rain.

The rain drops makes the flapping of my wings difficult.

The rain is weighing me down.

I built my nest high above.

Clouds are forming ahead of me.

The wind is blowing on my face and the rain falls on my eyes.

I cannot see.

In my head i am hearing voices.

Voices of my loved ones urging me to carry on.

I cannot fail them.

I have to reach my destiny but how?

Sometimes as a bird you have to do the abnormal.

So i fly to the ground.

This way im safe, il walk and i will continue walking till

i reach my destiny.

Life in a story- part 1

I woke up to a beautiful and sunny day.

The birds were chirping outside and the sun felt so warm on my skin.

No cloud in the sky.

It promised to be a beautiful day.

I took a stroll in the jungle.

A few minutes into the walk i noticed the weather changing.

I continued walking coz a few clouds would not threaten my day.

A few minutes later i felt a cold breeze which left me shivering a bit.

A strong wind blew and dust partially covered my eyes.

A little wind and the weather changing…nah i continued walking.

I increased the volume on my phone and plugged in both my earphones.

Up above me the clouds gathered but i did not notice because the music was good.

to be continued…




Post mortem

Sometimes i wish you could all come 2017 - 1

back into my life and do an

autopsy report.

You killed me internally and for

a while the doctors thought i would

never survive.

I stayed in coma for a long time.

Time stood still.

The world passed by around me.

Until a little voice in my head said:

How long are you going to be this way?

How long are you going to keep numb?

Yes people hurt you…

Yes people break your heart…

And yes letting go is the hardest part…

but “You cant start

a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading

the last. Take control of your life and never let anyone bring you


Remember… Happiness is an inside job never assign it to anyone, TAKE CONTROL

Oops you dead…RIP

If you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that i killed. You can kill yourself too but that doesn’t mean you get to stop loving….Archie’s final project

I hosted a funeral for you and it felt so good.

Three people attended, Me, Myself and I.

Cause of death UNKNOWN.

Rumor has it Karma murdered you.

On an unknown day Karma strangled the shit out of you. The police found you lifeless body malodorous with all the hurtful things you did to people.

Me was glad revenge was not necessary.

All we had to do was wait.

Myself just comforted the two of us.

Out of the three of us she is the only one who remained herself. Me tried to please you and I fought so hard to be someone you would love. But Myself remained herself.

So long mate. REST IN PEACE.

Me, Myself and I have buried you and all the pain you put us through.